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North America is a relative newcomer when it comes to fuel conservation when compared to Europe. We in North America would be wise to follow the example of those who have had to conserve out of necessity. Europeans have been successful when dealing with exorbitant fuel prices for several decades. They have developed products that are economical and extremely fuel efficient to heat their homes, offices and businesses. Whether your choice of fuel is coal, corn, wood pellets, wood chips, or cord wood; regardless in which part of the North American continent you reside; we at Eco Heat Sales have the alternative fuel heating system to fit your needs and augment your current central heating system. We encourage our customers to become knowledgeable by researching the alternative heating mediums available for their use. Eco Heat Sales is confident that we can offer you the most efficient heating system available at some of the lowest prices in the country.
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Wood Boiler
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Commercial Unit
Futura Multibio
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